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Fiesta Bracelet in Polymer Clay

Polymer clay Fiesta Beads

Polymer clay Fiesta Beads

I’ve been wanting to teach polymer clay Fiesta Beads for a long time.

Typically bracelets & necklaces featuring petal-type beads cluster them tightly, but I like to give them some space with seed beads. Each of these beads is unique & deserves attention.

I’m getting ready for my Fall Lifetime Learning Institute class, “Polymer Clay Jewelry,” which will begin Monday, September 12th. The online catalog will post on Friday, August 6th, and print catalogs should be available in the main public library & branches on or about Monday, August 9th.

I’ll be posting photos of all five projects here over the next few weeks.

Varnish Polymer Clay Beads Fast

Speed up varnishing your polymer clay beads

Speed up varnishing your polymer clay beads

Who wants to spend time varnishing beads when you could be having fun playing with polymer clay? Not me.
Here’s how I speed up the process. I stick half a toothpick securely in the bead hole, then plant the toothpick on a hunk of scrap clay. That frees my left hand and allows me to get at all parts of the bead. That’s it.

Trick for Making Polymer Clay Beads of Uniform Size

OT Lustrous 15Take the guesswork out of making round and other hand-formed beads of uniform size. I made these disc-shaped beads for my Lustrous Beads tutorial painlessly. (You may also be interested in related blog posts on impressing both sides of clay and applying powders.)



Here’s the trick: