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Polymer Clay “Autumn Imagined” Brooch

DSCN7072 I rarely wear brooches, but come Fall, I plan to sport my “Autumn Imagined” brooch on a denim jacket.

I was inspired to make this brooch by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever’s bracelet, “Summer’s Opulence.”

The brooch is a project in my Fall Lifetime Learning Institute class. The piece took some time and experimenting to develop, due to the pods. I had to create molds that the clay could be cured on. Then after curing, the mold had to removed without breaking the clay. Among the “molds” I tried were thawed, frozen pearl onions–too squishy; flour/water dough balls–I couldn’t get them to hold a round shape; and, most successfully (don’t laugh), canned garbanzo beans. If you have a better idea, please post it here.