Looking for Sara?

Sara's alter ego

Sara’s alter ego

If you’re looking for Sara, you’re sort of in the right place. I’m Leanna Englert, and Sara is my fickle muse.
Sometimes she nudges me along a path clotted with brambles, fraught with wrong turns, with only the hint of reward ahead, and sometimes the payoff is huge. Such was the case with devising ways to imitate batik on polymer clay.
Then there are the times she whispers “slam dunk” in my ear, and I know I should swat her away. But it’s too seductive, and I cave, only to end up with a hunk of scrap clay.
So much for my relationship with Sara. My rendezvous with polymer clay began in 2001. I’d never heard of the stuff until one day when I was watching the Carol Duvall show as I donated platelets. OK, “donate” isn’t quite the word I want. I got paid to sit for a couple of hours in a hospital blood donor center while blood got pumped out of one arm and back into the other minus platelets. So I had time to watch a whole episode when Carol’s guest was Donna Kato. Don’t remember what she demonstrated, but I had to try polymer clay.
I made some hideous looking purple and red beads. Why I pursued polymer clay is a mystery to me. I’m a slow study, and I’ve amassed a boneyard of failed projects. But polymer clay became my addiction. If you’ve had any experience with addictions, you know that even a bad experience with your substance of choice doesn’t slow you down.
I love creating and teaching polymer clay. I discovered that making things to sell didn’t feed my soul, so now I give away much of what I make, and I teach and, along with my husband, Timothy, I create tutorials which I sell in my Etsy shop.
As for placing an “artist’s statement” here, I don’t wear the artist label well. So I’ll just let my views and principles and inspiration leak out in my blog pages. Unless Sara has a better idea.

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