Polymer Clay Invites Serendipity

Translucent silver leaf serendipity 1
Translucent silver leaf serendipity 2 6804
Here’s what I love most about these two polymer clay beads. See the subtle crackled silver leaf with splashes of lavender? Usually in making a mokume gane stack, I would sandwich leaf between layers of super-thin translucent clay. What I did differently with this stack was tint the translucent with Pinata Passion Purple ink. The faces of the beads in the photos came from a couple of serendipitous slices from the stack.
Polymer clay often invites serendipity. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten results that are happy accidents–enough to make up for the times I get totally frustrated.
I made this bracelet about a year ago. So far, I’ve been content to enjoy it for what it is. But one of these days I’ll have to try re-creating the effect with different translucent tints, leaf, and polymer clay colors.

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