Sculptures Get a Life of Their Own

IMG_1239Meet Jack Benny. That’s what Zan Caperton dubbed her dragon with the hand on his face. You met Zan in an earlier post, Hooked by a Fish.
I don’t sculpt, but I’m fascinated by the sculptor and sculpture’s creative dance. Zan sets out to create a dragon and lets the dragon tell her what it will become.
So who’s responsible for this sweet, “please adopt me” face? IMG_1238That’s Scorchy, so named because of his close encounter with the oven’s heating element. Happily, Zan was able to do cosmetic work with her alcohol inks (described in the previous post).
Introduced to dragon sculpting by Ellen Kelsey, Zan has a special affinity for the creatures. She’s currently at work on a new dragon who, she says, will tell her what he or she wants to be.

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  1. Cam
    May 12, 2015 at 7:28 pm (3 years ago)

    Seldom think of dragons being lovable but these two certainly are. Thanks.


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