A New Polymer Clay Birdhouse

Birdhouse front 7012 gimped Lately we’ve been hearing a robin. Heading north? South? Staying put? Everyone’s confused by the weather, it seems. Anyway, it seems fitting to introduce this polymer clay birdhouse, the project for my Spring Lifetime Learning Institute class which will begin February 15th.

The theme for this birdhouse–a wooden structure embellished with polymer clay veneers and decorative elements–is Austin or Texas. So the front is a tribute to the Texas state flower and the Austin kite festival. Did I mention that each week of the class will feature not only a different motif, but also a different technique? The only repeat from the birdhouse class I taught in 2013 is the bluebonnet cane/applique.

Watch this spot for posts of pictures and descriptions of the sides and roof. Or if you must peek, take a look at the page Lifetime Learning Institute Spring 2016. (I’m especially excited about one of the roof elements.)

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  1. Cam
    January 4, 2016 at 9:44 am (2 years ago)

    Delightful, Leanna. Need I say more?


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